What is Orthotropics?

What is Orthotropics?

Jun 02, 2020

The orthotropic technique was developed by Dr. John Mew in London, England in the 1950s and involves a treatment that encourages ideal dental facial growth.

The faces of people that society finds attractive share similar qualities. A wide smile, full cheeks, prominent chin are all qualities that orthotropic treatment aims to achieve. Orthotropic therapy address longer, flatter faces with larger noses and a very noticeable overbite. With the lack of proper forward growth of the face, the airway can become compromised. Adequate airway flow plays a central role in physical, cognitive and behavioral growth in children.

Orthotropics is quite different from orthodontics. Instead of only trying to straighten the teeth, orthotropic therapy focuses on straightening teeth while improving the shape and contours of the face. Ideal maxillary and mandibular jaw growth are achieved by directing growth horizontally with removable retainers.

Orthotropic Treatment

Orthotropic treatment is used to develop better facial features and wider airways. It is more face-centered than tooth centered and does not necessarily produce perfect tooth alignment, but it does improve crowding.

Young patients between the ages of seven and ten represent the ideal patient for this treatment. At this age, optimum growth potential occurs and translates into assessable changes in appearance and improvement in overall health.

The need for orthotropic therapy is caused by poor oral posture, which is the way the tongue, teeth, and lips are positioned when at rest. The first goal of this therapy is to optimize facial development with the upper and lower jaws both positioned forward in the face. The second goal is to correct poor oral posture, which produces the unfavorable growth.

Orthotropic therapy has successfully corrected the facial growth of many individuals. This process gives the individual the chance to normalize their oral, head, and neck posture, as well as their breathing.

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Alison Trout, DDS, at Little Fish Dental can help you better understand orthotropic therapy and decide whether it is right for your family. Dr. Trout, DDS, is passionate about helping young patients achieve a healthy, beautiful smile by treating the whole patient, not just their teeth. Call our Rocklin office today for a complete evaluation.

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