Tongue Tie & Lip Tie Releases in Rocklin, CA

Tongue Tie and Lip Tie Releases AKA Frenectomy

Using a laser our dentists surgically releases your child’s tongue or lip tie. A tongue tie is the tissue restrictively attaching the tongue to the floor or front of the mouth. A lip tie is the labial tissue restrictively attaches the upper lip to the gums. This is often referred to as an akyloglossia. The laser cuts the ties with great precision, while sterilizing and cauterizing the area. This reduces the chance of infection or bleeding.

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If your infant is having trouble breast feeding this may be an indication of a lip or tongue tie (photos, above) is present. Symptoms may include:

  • poor latch during nursing
  • sliding off nipple or falls asleep while attempting to latch
  • colic or reflux symptoms
  • poor weight gain
  • high palate (roof of the mouth), photo below
Tongue Tie & Lip Tie Releases in Rocklin, CA

Older kids can need treatment too. Classic indications include:

  • speech problems starting around the age of three years old
  • a narrow upper jaw arch
  • tongue thrusting – tongue pushing out the sides of the teeth
  • the development of a gap between the front teeth (in dentistry this is called a diastema)
  • a v-shape notch on the tip of the tongue
  • inability to touch the tongue to the roof of the mouth
  • difficulty licking an ice cream cone
  • difficult wiggling the tongue from side to side

If treatment is necessary, stretching is required at minimum 5 times a day for 3-4 weeks. This will help the treated tissue not re-attach. Having this procedure done does not guarantee correction of your child’s condition. Without stretching the tissue, reattachment of the tie will occur! Active participation or monitoring is required of the parents, depending on the age of the child.

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