Orthotropics Treatment in Rocklin, CA


At Little Fish Dental in Rocklin, CA, many of our patients are familiar with orthodontics but not Orthotropics. Orthotropic intervention first began in the 1950s and is a way of stimulating ideal facial growth. Finding Orthotropics near you isn’t as easy as finding orthodontics. When it comes to a dentist in Rocklin, CA, that works with Orthotropics, Dr. Trout is here to help.

There are a few features that can make a face appear more attractive. These are things like prominent chins, full cheeks, and wide smiles. The goal of Orthotropics in Rocklin, CA, is to help children’s faces grow to have these features.

Orthotropic Intervention

At Little Fish Dental, we take the time to explain to our patients that Orthotropics is more about the overall appearance of the face. It’s not all about teeth straightening like orthodontics. You will notice an improvement in dental crowding, though.

Orthotropics is preferred in children between the ages of seven and ten years. During these years, children’s faces experience a lot of growth, and intervening will lead to quick and great results. There are many benefits to getting Orthotropic treatment besides having attractive qualities.

With Orthotropic intervention, your child’s smile will be wider, and their airway will be larger. The benefit of a bigger airway is that they won’t experience airway compromise. The better they can breathe while awake and asleep, the better they’ll grow.

What about Orthodontics?

Orthodontics can simply be translated into teeth straightening. While teeth straightening will have minor effects on the structure of the face, these effects are incomparable to those of Orthotropics. Parents whose main concern is getting their child’s teeth straightened should opt for orthodontics.

Orthodontics, however, won’t give you a longer jaw, larger airway, and a wider smile. These only come with Orthotropic interventions. We can make our recommendation depending on what we see by examining your child’s dental cavity. We might also ask for dental x-rays to get more information on the bones of the face.

Based on the exam and x-ray, we’ll make our recommendation, and it’ll be up to you to decide. Dr. Allison Trout is the only listed member in the Greater Sacramento area of the International Association of Facial Growth Guidance (Orthotropics). For more information on why this type of facial growth guidance is essential for your child, please visit their website at: https://orthotropics.com/healthy-face-healthy-life/

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