Nutritional Recommendations for Kid’s Dental Wellness in Rocklin, CA

Nutritional Recommendations

Parents often tell us two things “How do I get my kid to eat healthy? He or she won’t touch vegetables or fruit!” or “We do eat healthy but my kid is still getting cavities – What can I do?” Chances are you have experienced something along these lines. Most parents know that processed sugar and processed foods can wreak havoc on a child’s teeth, causing cavities and leading to great inflammation and systemic infection. Nutrition matters and it starts as early as the prenatal care you give them? That’s why it’s important that mom’s nutrition is full of nutrient dense foods during pregnancy and that mom is not suffering from infection of periodontal disease.

Luckily for those of us that get to live in and near Rocklin, CA, we are blessed with access to great, nutrient dense fresh produce year round. A diet of high water and nutrient content including leafy greens, nutrient rich vegetables, fiber rich “slow” carbohydrate foods such as brown rice and sweet potatoes, and a rainbow of fresh fruit will help set your child up for a healthy strong immune system, and optimal oral health. Dr. Trout typically recommends that most children dealing with ongoing issues with cavities eliminate all processed sugar and dairy for a period of time, at least, to see if this can help prevent cavities going forward. Many people do not realize that dairy is a trigger of inflammation in the body and can be an underlying cause of problems in the mouth, and throughout the body.

Your Child’s Diet is a Big Part of the Equitation, but Other Factors Contribute to Cavities

Your child’s oral health is often a reflection of systemic, whole body health. Getting them off to a proper start through preventive dental care is paramount to their health and vitality as they mature. Some kids eat healthy, have had the best in early dental care and prevention, and still get cavities. For these children, we can perform an OralDNA test that gives Dr. Trout specific feedback regarding your child’s oral microbiome. This helps her craft a personalized treatment plan for your son or daughter, including nutritional recommendations.

If you have a teenager who has an oral piercing or uses vaping products, these are reasons to visit our dentist in Rocklin for nutritional recommendations, diagnosis of gingival recession, and oral cancer screening.

Complete Children’s Dentistry Near You

Dr. Trout views your child’s health as a whole, complete picture and loves helping family’s figure out the puzzle that is a child’s optimal health as they grow. Her extensive knowledge of health and wellness, and its connection to the health of the mouth, benefits your family greatly. Please book a consultation with Dr. Trout for your children’s healthy smile and Whole Kid Health™️.

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