Laser Therapy in Rocklin, CA

Laser Therapy

Our goal is to help your child achieve the healthiest smile possible while also providing the gentlest dental care to ensure their comfort and their continued desire to maintain their oral health. One of the ways we do this is by using low-level laser therapy near you to increase comfort for your little one during their procedure.

Most Common Uses for Laser Therapy by Our Dentist Near You

Low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has a broad reach in general dentistry and children’s dentistry. It is especially helpful in treating conditions such as tooth movement, post-extraction pain, periodontal disease, TMJ dysfunction, decay removal on teeth, frenectomies, and more.

The procedure is painless for your child and can even be used to stimulate tissue, reduce inflammation and relieve pain in conditions that involve soft tissue injuries, joint conditions, back and neck pain, as well as those already mentioned.

One of the additional benefits of laser therapy used by our dentist in Rocklin is that it reduces the need for anesthesia and can also be used to reduce local discomfort from injection usage.

If you have a child that’s beginning to exhibit signs of dental anxiety and want to turn the anxiety around before it sets the tone for their future oral health, laser therapy is a proven way to help your child regain their confidence – and comfort level – during their dental appointments with our Rocklin dentist.

Our Focus is On Your Child’s Comfort and Oral Health

In addition to providing pain-free laser therapy in Rocklin, our dentist near you is also committed to helping your child build a firm foundation in their oral health by focusing on preventive dentistry to ensure a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing adult smile.

Because we focus exclusively on children, we know that comfort is the cornerstone of their lifelong dental habits. Whether you’re looking for a children’s dentist near you for preventive dentistry and laser therapy in Rocklin or the management of cavities in children that are at high risk and need added enamel protection – and everything else in between – Dr. Trout and her team have the experience and skill needed to give your child the beautiful and healthy smile they deserve.

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