Holistic Dentistry for Children in Rocklin, CA

Holistic Dentistry for Children

Did you know that holistic dentistry is an important component in dentistry for patients of all ages, but it’s especially important in children’s dentistry? The reason is that your child’s development could be hindered by certain chemical usage in dentistry just as their development can be hindered by certain chemicals in the foods they eat.

As one of the premier general dentists in Rocklin, CA, that approaches children’s dentistry from both a traditional perspective and a holistic one, our dentist near you provides a range of treatments for conditions like cavities, gum disease, plaque buildup, tooth removal, abscesses, digital x-rays and more. And because a holistic approach can be incorporated into any of these treatment modalities, patients will always benefit from the less invasive, less painful, and a more natural approach in holistic dentistry near you.

Holistic Dentistry from Our Dentist Near You

Dr. Trout and her dental care team believe that your child’s dental health is as much about preventive dental care as any of the wide-ranging holistic dentistry treatments we provide. For example, ozone therapy can kill the bacteria in the mouth, including the bacteria that causes dental cavities, without the use of harmful chemicals.

Also, since research paints a clear connection between oral health and conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, premature infants, low birth weight, Alzheimer’s, and more, it becomes clear that dental care has a far greater reach than a patient’s mouth and teeth.

We get asked every day at Little Fish Dental by parents how they can not only protect the health of their child’s smile right now but ensure that their total health is protected as well. When you book your appointment with Dr. Trout, you’ll receive these answers and more, all while keeping your request for holistic dentistry near you as a part of the conversation.

Whether it’s the best toothpaste to use or the proper pH balance in the mouth to help control your child’s mouth breathing, Dr. Trout’s extensive knowledge and experience in traditional and holistic dentistry in Rocklin will help your child achieve a healthy smile!

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Your child’s dental care should be about prevention and total healthcare without having to worry about the adverse side-effects from toxins found in traditional children’s dentistry. Why not schedule your appointment now for holistic dentistry near you using our convenient online booking tool?

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