Tooth Extractions in Rocklin, CA


For some children, the thought of a dental extraction can immediately invoke a type of anxiety that could impact their perception of dental care for a lifetime. Dr. Trout and her team know that creating positive dental experiences for children is paramount to helping them feel comfortable and confident in their smiles, and it’s for that reason that our dentist near you is committed to gentle dentistry during every treatment we offer, including dental extractions near you.

Our Commitment to Excellence in Children’s Dentistry Near You

Not only is Little Fish Dental committed to gentle dentistry during every procedure we perform, including dental extractions in Rocklin, but we’re also committed to utilizing the best technologies and latest equipment to ensure that our goal is met.

For example, our use of digital x-rays not only minimizes the amount of radiation that your child will be exposed to while assessing the need for a dental extraction, but it provides for a faster and more comfortable experience for your child.

Also, if it’s determined that your child’s tooth can be restored with a dental filling instead of having to extract it, our use of laser therapy equates to a more comfortable treatment process. And if you visit our dentist in Rocklin for your child’s orthodontic treatment, you’ll discover a myriad of treatment options in addition to dental extraction to create space for an overcrowded mouth such as myofunctional therapy and orthotropic therapy.

The takeaway concerning children’s tooth extractions by our dentist in Rocklin is that the treatment will be viewed with a wide lens to reduce the risk of future dental work being needed as your child continues to grow.

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If you’d like to learn more about the gentle dentistry that has made Little Fish Dental one of Rocklin’s leading practices in children’s dentistry near you, we invite you to call our office and speak to a member of our dental care team. You can also easily book an appointment online for children’s tooth extractions in Rocklin, or any of the other multi-specialty dentistry services we provide, by using our convenient online booking tool.

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