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Exams and Cleanings

Every day at Little Fish Dental we get asked about preventing cavities. The BEST action to prevent and catch cavities before they get big are regular dental check-ups. Seeing our dentists every six months means that problems are spotted before they become a big issue. "Watch" areas can be treated using some of the treatments talked about below.

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Parents are frustrated because their kids brush and floss consistently, eat a healthy diet, and drink lots of water, but they still get cavities. Sometimes, there are habits that parents aren't aware of that can lead to cavities. Letting a baby fall sleep with formula or juice in a baby bottle, rather than water. A before school, in school, or after school sugary snack that isn't rinsed with water. Processed foods - flour and sugar, of course - contribute to decay as well but are often overlooked as the culprits. Crackers, white bread, white rice, cookies, cake, donuts, overly processed granola bars, fruit roll-ups, sugary, white flour (aka no whole grains) breakfast cereals, yogurt, ice cream...the list could go on and on.

Genetics also play a big role in cavities. While they aren’t as big of a risk as you have been led to believe, genetics do play a role, especially for certain types of decay. If you or your child is suffering, and you would like answers about your oral DNA, Little Fish Dental can test you for your specific oral bacteria, the risks associated with it, and your best preventive treatments. Our dentists has a wealth of information they custom tailors just for you based on this report. It is very individualized and designed for parents that are seeking optimal health for their families.

You may also be interested in an ozone treatment, which have been used effectively in Europe for treatment and prevention for decades, but are lesser known in the United States. Ozone kills the bacteria in the mouth, including the bacteria that causes dental cavities. Our dentists can help you determine if this will benefit your child.

Also, check that your child’s multi-vitamin contains minerals. As the body is attempting to re-mineralize the affected teeth, it needs minerals to be available in the body. As with all supplements, our dentists highly recommends using products that are pharmaceutical grade. The children’s multi-vitamin offered by Douglas Laboratories, Ultra Preventive® Kids, available in Grape or Orange. Patients of our dentists may order directly from Douglas Laboratories. Please call the office at (916) 435-9799 to receive an email set of instructions on how to order from Douglas Laboratories directly.

Finally, Theodent toothpaste and Theodent 300 Clinical Strength may be appropriate for your child. These toothpastes contain an ingredient called Rennou which has been proven effective at remineralizing teeth. Theobromine, an ingredient found in chocolate, is the ingredient that helps to strengthen teeth, and these toothpastes are chocolate flavored. It sounds different but the taste really good! This toothpaste is leading the way for innovation in stronger teeth. For more information, please check out their website at

Teeth Cleaning

Mouth health begins at home with consistent brushing and flossing. Most Americans use only 18 inches of dental floss a year. This is approximately how much should be used each time you floss! In other words, most people do not floss enough. Even the most habitual brushers and flossers need to maintain a twice yearly schedule of dental cleanings and checkups.

It is important to know that research shows a connection between oral health and heart disease, diabetes, premature infants, low birth weight, and Alzheimer’s. Regular check-ups allow us to screen for any potential issues not just of the teeth and mouth, but of the whole body health.

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