Emergency Dentistry in Rocklin, CA

Emergency Dentistry

When you’re searching for children’s emergency dentist near you in Rocklin, CA, the most important thing is taking care of you child and their dental needs. If your child is in pain, has experienced tooth trauma from a fall or being hit in the mouth, has broken a tooth, or has symptoms of an infection, these all need to be addressed immediately. Our dentists, through their years of experience has pretty much treated the wide range of emergencies that children face in regard to their dental care. Of course, we takes into account your child’s long-term dental care and tooth aesthetics when addressing these concerns.

Our Goal in Children’s Emergency Dentistry Near You

Whether your child has chipped or knocked out a tooth, experienced trauma to their mouth from impact, has an urgent orthodontic concern, or any other condition that causes them or you to panic, our goal is to diagnose and treat the condition as quickly as possible. We want both of you to experience peace of mind that excellence in emergency dentistry was provided by our dentists and our team.

When you’re dealing with an emergency dental situation with your child, you want the assurance of professional, experienced children’s dentistry. You’ll receive exactly that!

Call Us Now to Learn More About Emergency Dentistry Near You

As a multi-specialty general dentist in Rocklin, CA, we have the resources to provide children’s emergency dentistry when it’s needed, whether it’s during normal office hours or when accidents happen on the playground on Saturday.

If you believe your child needs urgent dental care now, please call our office to speak to a member of our dental care team so we can triage your child’s need for an emergency dentist in Rocklin, CA, and provide advice on immediate steps you can take such as whether or not to apply an ice pack, utilizing a children’s pain killer, or what to do with a tooth that’s been knocked out. These tips can often provide immediate comfort until you can be seen in our office.

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