Early Intervention in Rocklin, CA

Early Intervention

At Little Fish Dental in Rocklin, CA, we believe it’s never too late for early intervention in orthodontics near you. While intervention is possible at any age, there are many benefits to orthodontics in children’s dentistry in Rocklin, CA.

Patients with overcrowded teeth can get orthodontic or orthotropic intervention. Finding a dentist near you that can work with both options is always preferred. At Little Fish Dental, we have plenty of experience in orthodontics but are also capable of providing our patients with orthotropic therapy. We’ll need to examine your teeth and jaw before determining what would be a better option for you. The final decision is always yours.


Orthodontics involves teeth straightening and creating a smile with perfect alignment. Many devices can be used in orthodontics with braces and Invisalign aligners being the most popular. Orthodontics is easier at a young age because the jawbones aren’t very rigid and it’s easier to move the teeth to straighten them.

Braces were the best and most popular option for years but it has some downsides. They’re made of metal and are very visible. The metal often traumatizes the inside of the mouth leading to pain and bleeding. They’re not removable either.

Invisalign aligners are transparent, removable, and made of modified plastic. They’re smooth so they won’t hurt the inside of your mouth and are transparent so they won’t look bad. Many of our patients are now choosing Invisalign over traditional braces.

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