Save Your Decayed Teeth with Dental Crowns

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Save Your Decayed Teeth with Dental Crowns

Mar 01, 2021

The anatomy of a human tooth can be divided into two parts – the root and the crown. For those with healthy gums and bones, the tooth root is protected using the gums and bones.

The rest of the tooth that is seen in the mouth, above the gum lining on lower teeth, and below it on upper teeth, is referred to as the “clinical crown.” A cemented restoration that halfway or covers the outside of the clinical crown is called a dental crown.

Also known as a cap, this hollow synthetic tooth used in dentistry to cover a broken or decayed tooth. The crown revives the tooth and protects it from damage later on. Dental crowns can additionally be used to cover a discolored or misshapen tooth. Below are the crown procedure and other essential information

How a Crown is Done?

Below is the step-by-step crown procedure:

  • Your dentist offers you a local anesthetic
  • To make room for the crown, your dentist archives down the tooth that you want to be restored.
  • An impression of the tooth and nearby tooth is taken. This is used to customized make your last crown. The crown is constructed using restorative material based totally on the impression. The last crown will be the correct shape for your mouth.
  • Until your last crown is ready, your dentist places a temporary crown over the tooth. It protects your tooth until the last crown is ready. A temporary crown can also have the same shape and color but does not serve as an ultimate crown.
  • On your next dental visit, Little Fish Dental gets rid of the temporary clinical crown and places it the final one. Your dentist makes sure it is of the proper fit, shape, and color.

These are the steps dentists most frequently take in making a crown, but your tooth may also need special care. You may also want orthodontic treatment, gum treatment, or root canal treatment.

Types of Crown

We offer different crown types:


These types of crowns are made absolutely of alloy material. Such a material possesses excellent strength however it lacks aesthetics. Along these lines, all-metal crowns are seldom utilized and are saved generally for a back utility that isn’t regularly noticeable.


These look best as it is produced using a ceramic material that is same as the tooth color. Porcelain caps are ideal for patients who are remarkably conscious about what they look when they smile.


These types combine the strength and other features of the metal alloys and porcelain.


Normally, they repair a crooked or chipped tooth to its natural look permanently. These are cemented into place by the use of dental cement. Call a pediatric dentist in Rocklin, CA if your kid is having such a tooth.

Benefits and Purpose of Crown

Below are the dental cap perks:

Support Badly Decayed Teeth

Crowns can be used for a severely decayed tooth that can no longer be saved. Drilling the badly decayed section can often lead to cracks. Thus, protecting it with a crown can stop the decay from getting worse.

Tooth Replacement

When you misplaced any tooth in your mouth, the perfect treatment for proper restoration would be an implant. The metal screw is embedded in your jawbone that acts as the roots of the tooth. Then, a crown will be put on top of it which makes it look like a natural tooth.

Restore Chipped Teeth

Dental crowns can mask a chipped, stained, or strangely formed teeth. It is the 100% safe permanent option to improve the appearance of your tooth. Compare the cost of a dental cap with other dental treatment costs.

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If the tooth is cracked/chipped that it cannot be treated with inlays and Onlays, dental cap treatment is a great option.

Boost Aesthetics

A badly shaped tooth or cracked tooth can also be re-established by placing a cap over it.

Increase Tooth Longevity

Dental crowns last for a long time and it rarely, ever, tumbles off.

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