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Little Fish Dental provides comprehensive dental care for children in Rocklin, CA. We strive to take excellent care of your child’s smile through prevention, comfortable technology, and evaluations to ensure that your child is in the right position to enjoy a healthy smile moving into their teen and adult years.

Our dentist’s Whole Kid Dentistry®️ treatment techniques are designed to accomplish and address the following:

  • Build a solid foundation of wellness in your child, starting with oral health and proper facial development
  • Focus on prevention and address problems as needed
  • Address, fixing where possible, sleep issues, allergies, and ADHD through proper and early airway development
  • Early expansion of the palate
  • Develop the jaws forward
  • Work for facial balance
  • Produce a beautiful, aesthetically pleasing smile

Preventative measures are possible from birth but treatment can begin as young as 3 years old when appropriate.


Focusing exclusively on children, Little Fish Dental works tirelessly to treat the whole kid. Our team would rather help your family understand how to prevent a cavity than fill it! Of course, cavities happen and we offer the best in tooth color, BPA-free, mercury-free fillings, along with information and options for prevention.

Starting kids early with healthy oral habits like brushing and flossing, and healthy life practices such as eating a nutrient rich diet, sets the foundation for healthy living their entire lives. Babies as young as a few days old have their tongue ties released (via a laser performed frenectomy). This ensures they can nurse properly and relieve mom of painful breastfeeding.

Addressing issues earlier with your child, such as improper facial development, narrow airway, and snoring or sleep apnea, reduces the risk of developing problems into their teenage and adult years.

Normal Preventative Cleanings and Maintenance

Consistent cleanings and maintenance are the hallmark of a healthy mouth. Regular checkups offer the chance to catch and treat problems before they become truly difficult. To treat the whole kid, our dentist needs to understand the whole kid. Receiving a history of your child’s dental and medical records means that our dentist gets a clear picture of everything affecting your child’s health, and can help you get to the cause of the problem, and not just treat the symptoms.

High Risk for Multiple Cavities

Our office implements a three-track system for our patients, offering extra care for those that carry a high risk of multiple cavities. Cavity (caries) prevention is possible, even those that fall under the high-risk category. Education, additional treatments and checkups are recommended to reduce cavities!

Facial Growth Management

Addressing facial growth early on is key to eliminating serious problems later. Many children’s faces grow longer and narrower because of improper tongue placement and mouth breathing. This can lead to overbites, crossbites, a gummy smile, improper jaw growth, and restrictions on the overall growth and brain function if the airway is restricted. Treating early means the broad, beautiful smile you want for your child is easier to achieve. Treatment age is entirely child and family driven and depends on the child tolerates treatment, along with how supportive the family is during the process. While we have treated children as young as three years of age, some children do not tolerate this type of treatment until they are older, often around the age of five or six. Ensuring the proper oral posture at this stage means your child can easily accomplish nasal breathing with their mouth closed and tongue lightly resting on the roof of their mouth.

The goal is healthy functioning, structure and a broad BEAUTIFUL smile.

Child Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)/Snoring

If your child snores, understand this is NOT normal. While it might seem cute, it needs to be addressed, as it can be the symptom of underlying health problems. A 2017 study of children 7 to 11, with moderate to severe sleep apnea, found that, compared with children who slept normally, those with obstructive sleep apnea had a reduction of their gray matter in several regions of the brain. Gray matter is brain cells involved in movement, memory, emotions, speech, perception, decision making and self-control. This may even result in an IQ loss of 8 to 10 points for your child!

To hear one mother’s emotional story about how treating her child’s obstructive sleep apnea problems changed her child’s life, please watch the following video “Finding Connor Deegan.”

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