Important Information About IV Dentistry

Important Information About IV Dentistry

Dec 01, 2020

Most patients avoid dental visits because of fear and anxiety. This is a big problem since such patients don’t get the necessary dental care. Avoiding the dentist due to fear and anxiety has serious effects on one’s dental health. Poor dental health will also affect your overall body health. IV sedation dentistry helps such patients get the appropriate dental care.

Avoiding the dentist puts you at risk of developing issues like oral cancer and tooth loss. If you have dental anxiety, IV sedation dentistry is what you need. This article will talk about this type of sedation in detail. With enough information, you will be able to overcome fear and get help. Visit our clinic for more information about IV sedation dentistry near you.

IV sedation: What is it?

This refers to the administration of a sedative through the blood during your dental procedure. The sedative will calm you and help you relax while in the dentist’s chair. It is the type of sedation we use for patients with dental anxiety. When we use this type of sedation, you won’t remember most of the procedure.

This will help you on your next dental visit. You won’t be afraid of coming in for any dental procedure again. IV sedation dentistry in Rocklin will ensure you get all the dental care you need for optimal dental health.

How Does It Work?

When you come in for a dental procedure, the dentist will first talk to you about IV sedation. Our dentist will then introduce a needle connected to an intravenous tube into your vein. The intravenous tube has the sedative that will be delivered into the bloodstream. Our dentist will monitor your pulse and oxygen levels to ensure nothing goes wrong.

After the procedure, the effects of the sedative may take some time to wear off. You won’t be able to drive yourself home after IV sedation. Having someone else drive you home is what we recommend after IV sedation.

Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

IV sedation dentistry in Rocklin, CA, has many benefits to patients with dental anxiety. The benefits of IV sedation have helped many patients improve their dental health.

Improved Oral Health

One of the reasons why most people have poor oral health is because of dental anxiety. With dental anxiety taken care of, patients can easily visit the dentist and get treatment. Issues like tooth decay and gum disease can be kept at bay once dental anxiety is dealt with. You will feel no pain or discomfort when under IV sedation.

It is Quick

IV sedation takes effect quicker than other sedation options. You will be in a deep state of relaxation in a few seconds. Unlike other options like oral sedation, this option is quick and will ensure we complete the procedure in a short time. It will help you relax before you start developing fear and anxiety.

Dosage Can Be Easily Adjusted

Our dentist can easily adjust the dose when it comes to IV sedation. If you need a stronger dosage, our dentist can easily increase the dosage. This is important as it eliminates chances of an underdose or overdose.

IV Sedation Dentistry Risks

If you qualify for IV sedation, it is a safe procedure, and you shouldn’t worry. Our dentist will go through your medical records to determine if you qualify. If you have underlying conditions, our dentist will try to find another alternative. However, these risks are rare, but it is important to know them. These are the risks you should look out for when it comes to IV sedation.

Respiratory Issues

Although rare, respiration distress can occur during IV sedation. This happens if you have been deeply sedated. The dentist will be keen if you have an underlying health condition. This shouldn’t worry you as it is rare. Talking to your dentist before the procedure is important.

Over –Sedation

Over –sedation can lead to serious problems if it occurs. You should also note that over-sedation is rare. This is because the dentist can quickly adjust the dosage and avoid overdosing you.

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