Benefits of IV Sedation in Dentistry

Benefits of IV Sedation in Dentistry

Oct 01, 2020

Do you ever wonder how it is possible to perform some long and rather invasive dental procedures with so much ease and precision? Dental experts work in such tight and small quarters, yet the demand for precision is still upheld. To accomplish this, they employ sedation to help them.

Dentistry incorporates sedation as a means to benefit both the patient and the dentist during dental procedures. When it comes to IV sedation dentistry in Rocklin, you do not know enough until you have explored the benefits of this sedative method.

What Is IV Sedation in Dentistry?

IV sedation is a term used to refer to Intravenous sedation. It is a type of sedation that involves delivering sedating medication into the bloodstream of a patient. It is a method employed for moderate sedation, where the patient will be calm and relaxed throughout a procedure.

The unique factor about IV sedation dentistry in Rocklin CA is that it delivers the sedating agent directly into the bloodstream of the patient. This is possible through injecting the medication through the veins of a patient.

How Does the Treatment Work?

The anti-anxiety medication has to be delivered into your bloodstream through an injection. This means that you can expect a thin needle to be passed into a vein on your hand. This delivers the medication into your bloodstream. In some cases, you may be able to stay with the IV throughout your treatment. For some patients, however, the IV is removed after the medication is in your system.

The medication will begin to take effect on you almost immediately. When this happens, you will not only be calm during your procedure, but you may fall asleep. This is why IV sedation dentistry near you is also termed as ‘twilight’ or ‘sleep’. Still, not every patient falls asleep after this type of sedation. Many patients stay awake, but with a vague recognition of the events of the dental treatment.

Benefits of IV Sedation Dentistry

One fact you must not overlook is that there are different types of sensation. That said, why would one opt for IV sedation? There are many benefits to this type of sedation you can explore, including the following:

  • It is fast – you do not have to wait until the effects of the sedating agent take. Since the medication is delivered directly into your bloodstream, the relaxation will kick in in a shorter duration than in the case of other sedatives.
  • It is perfect for dental emergencies – when you have an oral emergency, time is the only thing that stands in the way of you and your oral health. In that case, a dentist will employ IV sedation to allow for speedy treatment.
  • You are awake during your treatment – you may be in a position to respond to your dentist when IV sedation is employed. However, some patients may still fall asleep.
  • It treats dental anxiety – any phobias you may have about dental procedures will disappear as soon as the sedative agent kicks in your system.
  • It can be regulated – during your treatment, your dentist will keep tabs on your oxygen levels and body responses. This allows him/her to regulate the medication in your system while working.
  • Allows for precision – when you are sited still on the dentist’s chair without gag reflexes in the way of your dentist, the work is done with more precision and accuracy
  • It allows for the performance of multiple procedures – the effects of the sedative agent can be manipulated, to ensure that you are calm and relaxed during all your treatments. Ideally, should a dentist need to perform multiple dental works, it is made possible by this type of conscious sedation.
  • It puts you in an amnesic state – this state ensures that you do not form any new memories of the eventualities of your treatment. This would imply that you have no sense of smell, sounds, or sight of what happens during your treatment. It allows you to relax and wake up to a beautiful smile.
  • Fewer side effects – compared to general anesthesia, IV sedation registers fewer side effects. This also means you will encounter less discomfort after your treatment.

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