7 Dental Resolutions for Your Kids in the Coming Year

7 Dental Resolutions for Your Kids in the Coming Year

Jan 01, 2023

New Year is the perfect time to create positive changes in your life and your kids. Setting smart dental goals for your kids could cause a huge effect on dental health in the long term. It also keeps your kid happy all year long. With time, these habits can become permanent in the routine and behavior of your kids.

Best New Year Dental Resolutions

Below are the superb dental resolutions you can make for your kid for good oral and overall health:

Use Water Flosser Daily

Flossing is essential to prevent the development of cavities between the teeth. But for kids, it may seem like a nightmare. Water flossers are an excellent tool for children that hate brushing their teeth and cannot use floss picks or floss threads daily. Water flossers help to clean the regions between the teeth by eradicating debris. They are also safe to use for kids.

Encourage Teeth Friendly Foods

Motivate your kids to consume teeth-friendly foods. It means cutting down on foods that wreak havoc on the dental health of children. These may be candies, sugary drinks, etc. The best foods for gums and teeth include healthy fats, vegetables, lean proteins, fruits, etc. Also, avoid the temptation of unhealthy snacking between meals.

Drink a Lot of Water

Water is considered the healthiest beverage in the world. It not only hydrates the body but rinses off grime and bad bacteria on your teeth too. Water also encourages the flow of natural saliva. It means protection against tooth decay. Therefore, rather than packing sugar-based drinks in the lunch, motivate your kids to drink plenty of water.

Fix Regular Dental Appointments

Although the foundation of good dental health begins at home, you must visit the pediatric dental office regularly to ensure your kid’s teeth stay as healthy as possible.

Taking your children to the pediatric dentist 95765 every six months will help to detect dental issues early and stop them from getting more serious. You can set up a budget for routine dental visits and save some money for sudden injuries.

Make sure you schedule an appointment at Little Fish Dental for teeth cleaning, dental checkups, and polishing every four to five months in advance. The experts use professional dental tools for deep cleaning of teeth.

Invest in a Mouthguard

If your kid plays sports or other recreational activities that could damage the teeth and gums, encourage them to wear a mouthguard. Did you know nearly 5 million teeth are knocked out every year in the USA?

Playing hockey, soccer, and other contact sports make children more prone to the breakage of chips on the teeth. Investing in a mouthguard protects against collision and falls. It also helps you avoid the trip to the emergency dental clinic near you.

Discontinue Bad Dental Habits

Another dental resolution to make this New Year is to discontinue the oral habits of your children. These include thumb sucking, pacifier use, etc. Using a pacifier or some sucking is okay till the kid is less than 5 years old. But if the habit continues for longer, it can cause misalignment of teeth and other risks.

Moreover, many pediatric dentists advise weaning is normal for up to 12 to 13 months. Also, thumb-sucking is okay till the age of 3. A pediatric dentist near you will guide you on how to break these bad oral habits before they start causing damage.

Avoid Sleeping without Brushing Your Teeth

Kids love sticky and sugary foods too much. But tiny bits of these foods stay in the mouth for longer. It gives a lot of time for the bacteria to begin the decay process. Brushing is effective in eliminating these remains from the mouth.

You can develop a habit of brushing twice a day for at least two minutes this New Year. Brushing before going to bed and in the morning will encourage your children to stick to this dental healthcare routine for longer. Always ask your children to use pea-sized fluoridated toothpaste only.

Repetitive brushing patterns become boring. You can make it a fun activity by playing a brushing sound, conducting a brushing contest among siblings, encouraging dance while brushing, etc. You can also ask your kid to use a timer to manage dental health.

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