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Little Fish Dental provides comprehensive dental care for children in Rocklin, CA. We strive to take excellent care of your child’s smile through prevention, comfortable technology, and evaluations to ensure that your child is in the right position to enjoy a healthy smile moving into their teen and adult years.

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Protecting Teeth Against Damage

While good at-home hygiene habits are vital for preventing dental caries, there are other common instances of dental damage in young children that go beyond tooth decay. Dr. Allison Trout provides patients with sports guards and night guards to ensure their smiles are safe during school sports or that night-time teeth grinding does not have a negative impact on permanent teeth.

We customize mouth guards to fit the shape of children’s smiles so it is as comfortable as possible to wear when they need it most. While teenaged patients are the most common recipients of our sports and nighttime mouth guards, younger patients with teeth grinding habits can qualify for an appliance as well.

IV Sedation for Children

Little Fish Dental is happy to welcome referral patients in need of sedation during their dental visit. Our pediatric dental sedation services are available once a month with the help of a specialist. Through sedation, children who have a difficult time sitting still for longer appointments, children with special needs, or kids who need several restorations can enjoy a more comfortable dental experience. IV sedation encourages a deep level of relaxation, allowing patients to forget their dental appointment and enjoy a sense of wellbeing.

Nitrous oxide is also available for sedation dentistry as a more moderate form of treatment, when needed.

Laser Frenectomies and other Digital Dental Services

Dr. Trout utilizes advanced dental technology whenever applicable to ensure that your child’s treatment is comfortable and efficient. With our hard and soft tissue dental laser, our Rocklin kid’s dentist can perform convenient and quick laser frenectomies or apply a low-level laser to reduce discomfort associated with TMJ pain, inflammation, or sore teeth from orthodontic therapy.

In addition to lasers, Little Fish Dental also provides digital X-rays to create clearer pictures of your child’s teeth and design a custom plan care of their smiles.

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For more information about Dr. Trout’s many treatment offerings, including teeth whitening for teens, orthodontics, and facial-focused teeth movement (orthotropic) contact our Rocklin children's’ dental office or feel welcome to browse our website.